1 Sep

The New Arrival

So he arrived at the house one day. He was really flat, round and had flashy lights. At first I was a bit dubious - who was this dude? What was he doing at my house?

So a few hours passed and he just stayed there. Few more hours and I went to bed - still no action. He obviously does not know how to play.
Next morning I wake up. I gave him my deer toy and still ... nothing.

BUT THEN he started to move. And all he did was run into the furniture. He kept moving backwards and forwards hitting the couch - what can this guy not even see?
So I decided to give him a hand. I tapped him on the shoulder and he didn't do anything. Man this guy was rude!!! So it makes me think again - what is he doing here?

Then it hits me... oh my god, Am I being replaced by this guy? Serious?

Next thing I know he returns to where he started. I guess it's like a kennel for him. And that is the last he moved - for the rest of the day.
Perhaps he hurt himself from running into everything. Understandable - I'd be pretty sore as well.



  • Jodi O Reply
    I'm so impressed with you Ella your observations and outlook on life is cool. Maybe we can meet one day.

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