6 Sep

Lazy Saturday

I love Saturday. Know why? Because there is no rush in the morning. Nobody is trying to leave. Best of all - I get to go to the park!

Saturday is the best day at the park because all the kids are playing some sport. It's a dumb game because they all use sticks to hit balls. Why would you hit a ball with a stick? Isn't a stick meant to be for chasing? Come to think of it - so are balls?

So I am getting ready to go to the park as my human gets my rope I realise that the robodude is still asleep - what on a Saturday? Hold on isn't he coming to the park too? Does he have a rope?
I look in my basket - and there is no rope there! What does he not have a rope? Does he not need a rope?

Ahh I know why, it's because he can't chase sticks. He's a bit slow. Too slow for me! Ha!

So we go to the park and today I make my human stop three extra times. The key is to pretend your pooping. He just stops and waits for you. Now that is service! I think Ill write this oine down for later.
A lady came past and said that I was the most beautiful dog that she'd seen in a very long time. Well duh! But thanks for the compliment anyway. I just gave her a shake of my tail.

It was a pleasant walk but somebody did break a bottle on the sidewalk - who does that? Idiots!

Back at home I was exhausted. Decided to call it a day and well... sleep. It's Saturday after all!


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