1 Dec

Another Year Goes Past

So there goes another year wizzing past me leaving me aged 4!
Although I don't have much for comparison I can confidently say it was one of my favourite birthdays!

It was certainly better that last year when my owner decided to take holidays during my special day... the nerve! Oh and let's not forget my actual birth - sharing the attention with my rascal siblings. That was definitely the worst. I must be the center of attention of my birthday!

The prep started the night before where the scent of 5 meats kept me cozy in the kitchen. I managed to score a few scraps using the recent "poor dog" technique I've been practicing - suckers!

It all came together today though. A exquisite collection of 5 meat pattys topped off with some lovely tune (John West the best) and tantilizing juices to give it that little extra kick. A truely magnificent masterpiece of meats - just perfect for a princess (that's me!!!). The dollop of tomato sauce on top was a bit off but I coped. Silly humans and their need to decorate food...
The food was just the first part though. There were decorations, a hat, glowsticks and of course my throne (the couch). I got to sit there and eat gorge on the delights which people paraded around me taking photos and cheering me on. By the end of the it all Moosey had passed out and I was stuffed! What an experience - it only it happened every day!

Alas after my feast I collapsed and slept for most of the day. 

A fitting end to a lovely birthday! Till next year!



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    Hehe what a cutie! OMG that diner looks yummi

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